Saturday in the Park with the Racine Tea Party

Saturday in the Park with the Racine Tea Party

Aerial View of the Racine Tea Party. The lamestream media will report “there were a couple dozen people at the Tea Party Rally”

The Racine Tea Party proved itself to be a powerhouse grassroots organization in WI after turning out major star wattage speakers and 4000 plus patriots to rally the weekend before the June 5th recall of Governor Scott Walker.  The event was held in Gorney Park in Racine County, Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee.

As is so often the case with the Tea Party, it was primarily women (and some awesome men) who planned, promoted and pulled off the first rate event.  So proud to see my fellow mommas in WI start their own PAC and stand strong in the face of all this union thuggery.

Things got off to a bang when Americans for Prosperity (led in WI by the fearless and sleepless Luke Hilgemann) rolled their bus into town and kicked off festivities with a warm up rally to the big event.

The gals from Racine then turned up the heat by turning out “The GOP All Stars” as speakers.  Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch took the stage and the prize for “Greatest Quote of the Rally” award (see below). RNC Reince Priebus opened his speech with “God Bless the Tea Party!” and soared from there.   VP Short Lister and the fiscal conservative gals’ heartthrob, Rep. Paul Ryan had the crowd swooning.

Other speakers included the ever cool Dana Loesch (clad in cargo camo pants, combat boots, and a T-shirt saying ““My leader doesn’t kill people” below a photo of Brietbart as Che, hence earning herself the “ever cool” title), Racine Tea Party leader Nancy Millholand, radio host Vicki McKenna, recall embattled State Senator Van Wanggard, and All Patriots Media Tony Katz and  MOI (French for “my mother’s favorite child”).

Me with Rep. Paul Ryan before heading out to speak at the Racine Tea Party, Racine County, Wisconsin.

Best Moment of the Rally:

Friends, our opponents don’t have the stones…

-Rebecca Kleefisch; mom, Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin and serious bad ass.

if you want to smile as wide as a Wisconsin dairy farm (sorry, but, when in the Badger State…) then you need to watch the Lt. Gov’s speech at the Racine Tea Party today.  Kleefisch is being recalled on June 5th, along with Gov. Walker and four other state lawmakers.

When Kleefisch was introduced, the nice and well mannered Midwestern girl we see on the TV strode onto stage in her 4 inch heels (props) and hipster jeans and went Biblical on the adoring audience.

The “army of Davids” at the Racine Tea Party, Racine, WI

She compared the crowd to an army of Davids, equipped with only stones and sling shots to go up against the Union Boss Goliaths.  The Union Boss Bullies, she commented, couldn’t turn Wisconsin around like she and Walker did, because, “our opponents don’t have the stones…” The crowd ate up her double entendre.

Oh, and staying true to her inner nice and well mannered Midwestern girl, Kleefisch deadpanned to the crowd after the cheering died down, “I didn’t finish the sentence.”  Classic.

If energy, patriotism, hard-work and optimism mean anything, then the good guys just might win this recall after all.  So proud to have been a part of the rally and the effort.


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3 Responses to Saturday in the Park with the Racine Tea Party

  1. Charles Brey says:

    Jennifer, I appreciate you getting all of this info together. As Robin Vos told me, proof that God is a conservative is shown by the day he gave us for this rally.
    I am looking forward to ending my day on Tuesday with all the embattled senators still in the seats they have previously earned, and Governor Walker and Lt Governor Kleefisch winning by twice the margin as when we first elected them into office.

  2. Dorothy Turner says:

    Great article = as usual!!

  3. Marilyn Levy says:

    It was so delightful meeting you im person Sat. in Racine. I was with RebelPundit and
    am thrilled that with your outstanding support…WE WON!!! Keep up the great work and many many thanks.
    Marilyn Levy

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