Dispatches from Wisconsin: Crybaby Pinko-Commies

Dispatches from Wisconsin: Crybaby Pinko-Commies

Today was a gorgeous day in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a few miles west of Milwaukee. It was gorgeous not only in weather and the modest houses with neatly trimmed lawns, but in the utter politeness of the Wisconsinians I encountered. Now, Waukesha is a heavily Republican district, but I still expected people to be a little more battle weary when we knocked at their doors.  Nope, they were so sweet and so enamoured of Governor Walker!  One women even invited one of our activists in for her green pepper soup  (he decline, more houses to hit).

Anyway, that makes this CNN.com article makes my peaceful day all the more interesting.  It’s been a vicious and brusing battle here in WI…it’s pitted neighbor against neighbor and even split families.  But just read the profiles in the article of two people; one who support Walker and the other, a poor, pitiful college professor who got (shudder) 8% (yes, 8 FULL percent) of his benefits “cut” (aka: which really means he just had to pick up the 8% himself).

I would be so horribly mortified to have such a whining cry baby like that on my side.  Honestly, if even I was some pinko-commie leftist, I’d leave them just for the mere fact that I CANNOT stand sissified whining of any political persuasion and the college professor just makes me want to stick hot pokers in my ears so I NEVER have to hear such BS from another human being again.  #UGH.

Crunch Time For Recall Volunteers

“Lane Hall is a 56-year-old English professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Per Walker’s legislation — known as simply Act 10 — Hall’s benefits were cut by 8%. And while 8% may not sound as bad as others in the state have seen, Hall says the benefits package at UW-Milwaukee used to be the selling point at the school.

“It is seriously difficult now to both retain and attract quality people,” Hall said. ‘We are no longer competitive.'”

Read more here.

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One Response to Dispatches from Wisconsin: Crybaby Pinko-Commies

  1. Kevin Fry says:

    Jennifer, just wondering why you think this professor shouldn’t complain or have a problem with his benefits being cut and why you find necessary to insult him? These are professionals Jennifer, and should be treated as such. I know you FOX NEWS folks don’t particularly care for or respect educators (or reality) but the man makes a point. Pay and benefits are used to attract and reward talented individuals. At least they used to be. It seems now everyone is supposed to ” tighten their belts and suck it up.” Unless of course you’re in the top 10% which is where all the money has been going for the last 30 years. You work for prosperity for Americans so I don’t think I should have to tell you who’s been the most prosperous. Here’s a hint, it ain’t educators. But these people don’t go into that line of work to become rich. I think (as half the country does) that I’m completely fine with a 4% tax hike on the wealthiest Americans if it means we don’t have to cut benefits for educators, law enforcement etc… We collect taxes for the general welfare of the country. That was left vague on purpose because the founders wanted to leave it to the people to decide what that would mean. Don’t you think we should live in country that at least tries to level the playing field by giving every kid, not just the rich, the oppurtunity to get a good education? Or have the police or fire dept. show up, no matter that they don’t live in a rich neighborhood. I know you hate unions but their was a reason unions started, and sadly we are headed that way again.
    I do have more to say, but it’s not like any of it would change your mind.

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