Snoozefest for the Left: Jessie Jackson in Racine

Snoozefest for the Left: Jessie Jackson in Racine

I got the word at about 6:50pm last night that Jessie Jackson was going to be speaking in Racine, WI in 10 minutes to fire up the base for the Walker Recall. Since I was close (and since debating Jessie Jackson is on my bucket list), I grabbed a camera, my pal Katy Abram and my new Wisconsin friend Tamara and we headed to Racine. A few thoughts:

*As expected, Jessie Jackson continued his mantra of “The Tea Party is a bunch of nasty racists”. In true Jessie Jackson revisionist-style, race baiting history, he headily told the uninspired crowd that it was the Tea Party, yes the TEA PARTY, who started the Civil War…on behalf of the Confederacy. Seriously – check out the video…Jessie tells the crowd the Tea Party fought for slavery, segregation, separation and sedition. I could not make this stuff up…

*It is an abuse of the word “rally” to use it to describe what Jessie Jackson presided over. I thought Jessie Jackson was a towering political figure on the left. He was going into a predominately black neighborhood and only 60-70 people showed up? Think I’m kidding? Check out my (horribly shot) video:

*So, Bill Clinton was here on Friday and 900 people showed, MSNBC’s Ed Shultz was here on Saturday and 300 people showed up. Jessie Jackson was here on Sunday and 60 people showed up. I understand now why the President decided to stay at Camp David. These people are sooooo NOT bringing it.

May I briefly remind you of the 4000 plus the Racine Tea Party and AFP turned out on Saturday?

4000 people – totally fired up. Jessie Jackson needs to come to a Tea Party and take a note…

*Yes, it was Race Baiting Jessie, but far from being Fire and Brimestone Jessie this was some bizarre chanting yogi style Jessie. In the most monotonous tones he could muster, he would tell the crowd to “say this…” and then had the crowd echo back his mantra’s which they did to pitch perfect monotony. Watch this and see if it is not the most bizarre thing you’ve ever encountered.

Also, Jessie informed everyone that they would be marching on gun shops on June 16th. “guns out, jobs in” was the mantra.

So, a couple of thoughts on that…

*You want jobs but then you’re going to shut down gun shops, put their owners and employees out of business, along with gun ranges, gun makers, gun instructors, the entire hunting etc…and somehow you think, should you be successful (insert hearty laugh here) that this type of mass unemployment and destruction of businesses is going to bring an end to gun violence in America?

*Also, I’m 100% pro-2nd amendment, right to bear arms girl, however, if I were not, I’m not 100% sure I’d be marching on people who hold all the weaponry and ammunition. Doesn’t seem like a smart strategy in general.

How about, Reverend Jackson, going and using your influence in the black community to discuss the importance of families and ending black on black crime? Huh? Bet that would do some good…for everyone. Speaking the truth like that would reveberate out beyond just whom you influence and would echo into the ears of people of all races who need the message of families preached to them. It’s a message all of America could use, Reverend. But Jessie Jackson won’t do that. I’ve been told to read the book “Shakedown” if you want to know how Jessie Jackson profits from the misery…but full disclosure, I never read it.

*And finally, this weekend I learned about the Zombie Apocalypse from Dana and Chris Loesch. I now believe that Jessie Jackson is, in fact, a zombie. While he didn’t eat anyone’s face off and there were no bath salts in sight, I just cannot believe someone could be that boring without any help.

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6 Responses to Snoozefest for the Left: Jessie Jackson in Racine

  1. Kathy Gettis says:

    If only people would understant that they are being used a “pawns” by those who only want to get and KEEP power…things could be SO different in America. Read “A Nation of Mochers (America’s Addiction To Getting Something For Nothing)” by Charles J. Sykes, and “Fatal Mis-Conception (The Struggle To Control World Population)” By Matthew Connelly. As long a people embrace the concept of the government, somehow, being a “benevolent parent” who is looking out for their best interests WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!! “POWER CORRUPTS….and absolute power corrupts absolutely”!!!! (Lord Acton) The more power we give the government, the more power they take. If we cannot wake minorites up to that truth, (whatever their color), our way of life is doomed!! FOOLS are on the verge of being in the majority in America. This is a never ending battle. There aren’t victories, after which we can breath a sigh of relief!! The “wolf” is always at the door, waiting for an opportunity! Vigilence is the only path! We sink or sink or swim together! A century from now America will either look back and thank and praise those who were the “watchmen”, the patriots; or She will be living under a vail of tears, pining for the glorious freedoms that we let slip through our fingers, because we had become to lazy to fight for them!!

  2. Dorothy Turner says:

    This just needs to be exposed, although Jesse is such a has-been no one will really care. And why no Barack Obama in good old Wisconsin. He’s the “has- been -to- be”. Not hitching his wagon to the union thugs or are they not hitching themselves to his wagon as the wheels continue to fall off???Very interesting indeed.

  3. kevin says:

    when you have lived your entire political life covered in mud and filth of your own making it begins to accumulate to the point it is just to much dead weight and putrid stink to sustain… you also find it very difficult to attend any function without this mud and oder preceding your arrival and it is impossible to not leave a sample at this venue….. it is old now and he cannot sustain his cause with the same lies and rhetoric… his fate in history is sealed

  4. Vicky Hernandez says:

    Hi, there. Heard you on the Hugh Hewitt show, today. And came right to your blog.

    Wow. Jackson is such a pathetic figure that even the Libs in WI don’t bother with him.

    instead of “Stay out the Bushes,” the chant should go: “Stay out the Jacksons.” “Stay out the Jacksons.” “Stay out the Jacksons…

  5. Tim Droogsma says:

    Nice post….Jesse’s knuckleheadedness is the gift that gives on giving. He made an appearance on my blog today as well,

  6. Joan says:

    According to this reporter: – your numbers for the Sunday night NAACP Racine event are off Jennifer. He says there were 100 – 120 (OK minus you and your troll friend) Also the Racine event was after this Sunday night Milwaukee event: Just how big is the NAACP in Racine, WI anyway???

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