The People Who Make You Proud

The People Who Make You Proud

You know what I would have really loved tonight (or should I say last night, as it is 3:10am CST, post Walker win)?

I would have loved to been a fly on the wall in the room when David Axelrod, Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Nancy Pelosi sat around watching their media lapdogs call the race for Walker. Heads exploding, teeth gnashing, “Forward” sign torching…it must have been fun.

The election was, once again, a referendum on the Tea Party’s view of America vs President Obama’s…and once again…we trumped him. And the below video explains why. This is a little video tonight of three Wisconsinites who stood with Walker. Three people who happened to also be union members and state employees in the Badger State.

Dear, Dear Mr. President: it’s hard to divide and conquer America when we so stubbornly remain indivisible. (again,I need to work on my video shooting skills – but bear with it for about 10 seconds, it improves):

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2 Responses to The People Who Make You Proud

  1. Dorothy Turner says:

    So right! Love those Wisconsin State workers who backed the Governor.

  2. are gutsy..keep it up! I have an idea out here in Indiana….What about all the Attorneys Generals who signed on for Obama in 2008? Did they not think it is necessayto question his backgrd?. Also, a 2nd idea…I believe this is the BIG PLAN since last election.The Clinton”s knew about the eligibility , college records, ss #, n made a deal Obama would be the President for 4 yrs. He would put thru so many Socialist(that Hillary couldnt get away with) plans the country would finally wake up in 2012 and he wouldnt have a chance to get re-elected. Hillary steps in…soon… to save the day for the Dems. All will think she is less liberal than O. and welcome her gladly. The women will be thrilled and vote for her(theres the women vote) n she will continue what O. has in place. The REPS. wont touch O. bc he is black(1/2 black) and they have always been afraid of being called RACIST!! Thats what kept some silent 4 yrs. ago. ive put these ideas in your hands as you have times on FNC to get them to the public…if you agree with all or part of this. God bless you n keep you in His care as you fight to save our wonderful America!

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