I’m not against unions. I’m against bullies.

I’m not against unions. I’m against bullies.

union thugI was bullied a lot as a kid.  And, sadly, a lot of bullies never grow up or go away.  Some of them stay with us all of our lives.  And the biggest bullies on the block today are Government sector unions (aka: public sector unions, aka: the Teachers’ unions).

If you’ve never heard of the Neshaminy School District in suburban Philadelphia (and I doubt you have), you should learn about them. Those same abuses you saw from the public sector unions in Wisconsion are happening across America…and none so glaring as in Neshaminy.

If you’re a woman and a mother and you’re not getting involved at least at the school board level in order to hold these unions and your local board  accountable, you are failing your children in a big way.  Ladies – it’s time to get involved.  Here’s an article from today’s Philadelphia Inquirer on the story:

In Neshaminy, members of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers have been working without a raise for four years, under terms of a contract that the district says it can no longer afford. After ten years of service, they are awarded free health care and a $27,500 early retirement incentive that comes with free health care for his or her family to boot.

You don’t need to look past the Neshaminy School District to see how abusive government-sector unions have become. Now that I’m back from Wisconsin, I’m setting my sights on teachers’ and other public sector unions in Pennsylvania. One of my priorities is eliminating teachers’ rights to strike and engage in collective bargaining.

I’m a mother. It’s disheartening that any mother has to go up against a bully machine like government-sector unions.

 Read more at The Philadelphia Inquirer and follow the reporter, Bill Reed on twitter at @breedbucks
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One Response to I’m not against unions. I’m against bullies.

  1. Steve says:

    AUDIO: Rush Limbaugh on Obama telling AZ to drop dead: “I am scared what they are doing to this country”


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